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About Alberta Dark Horn Ltd

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Alberta Dark Horn LTD is owned and operated by Dominic Jackson, Rob Brown and Justin Redlick. These guys pride themselves on offering a quality, honest and world-class service that is second to none. Each of them have spent countless days in the field across North America and abroad, in return, learning what it takes to run a world-class outfit. Their ideas on game management align seamlessly, leaving Alberta Dark Horn with a shared vision of providing its clientele with a quality hunt for mature game year after year.

"We hire competent, passionate and professional individuals to handle your hunt, specific to your individual needs and truly believe we are only as good as the people we hire" 



Our Hunts



You will be flying into Edmonton international airport, from there camp is a short 2-hour drive northeast of the city. We would greatly appreciate all our clients to arrive and night over at one of the many hotels Edmonton has to offer as it allows us to drive to camp, zero rifles, and get settled in without issues of luggage or travel. Most importantly it allows us to introduce all staff of Alberta Dark Horn and get used to the comfort of our operation and camp. With a successful hunt, we will provide a Tupperware container strong enough for the travel home to store capes (prepped for taxidermy) and antlers. we secure all containers with zip-ties and provide extras if trophies are checked at security. We will provide, upon request, any information needed in regards to traveling here with rifles and traveling home with trophies. 



Our camp is set up to make sure all clientele are truly comfortable and our ultimate goal is to have our outfit feel like a home away from home. We provide all clients with their own private bedrooms equipped with closets, desks, private bathrooms, power, and access to the internet. We will have satellite tv to keep up with your sports team or to just wind down at the end of a long day. We do not supply liquor at our camp but it is allowed, so feel free to stalk up before arrival as we provide a dry bar where you and our team can get together for a cocktail and talk hunting. 



We employ a top-quality chef here and you will not go home complaining. We provide a full breakfast, bagged lunch, and dinner. Any special requests or health concerns MUST be brought forward upon booking to adjust accordingly for you as your stay with us is our number one priority.  



Alberta Dark Horn's operating area resides in the traditional hunting grounds of both Whitefish Lake First Nations and Saddle Lake First Nations. With this understanding, we pride ourselves in "giving back" to our local first nations and organizations within the communities to help those in need. All game meat is processed with local butchers and dispersed within the community to those selected or through word of mouth. 

We have also committed to employing locals from the area and first nation communities. This allows us to keep relationships strong and constant but more importantly putting our fellow neighbours to work. 

"Born and raised in Whitefish Lake first nations, there's a sense of pride that has been instilled in me to give back to my home community. Hunting is not only a passion but a way of life for many first nations and if I can do just this small gesture of putting my people to work and providing wild meat to those in need or our fellow elders I'll feel like I've done my duty and responsibility as a contributing member"

~Dominic Jackson~

 Part owner/operator Alberta Dark Horn LTD